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Description of the Book:

The perfect coffee table book for anyone who needs a quick laugh! These silly poems describe not only Izzy’s side of the date, but also the male perspective of the same date.

You Prob'ly Think This Soliloquy is About You

  • Author's Name: Izzy Anderson
    About the Author: Author and illustrator Izzy Anderson, originally from Springfield, Missouri, teaches music and art in her current city of San Antonio, Texas. She has painted professionally for 8 years, and her award-winning artwork has been featured throughout South Texas. Between her career and friends, Izzy still finds time for all these crazy dates! She mostly tries online dating apps and considers herself a professional male profile analyzer. Her skill of being able to read between the lines of what guys wrote has drastically decreased her number of bad dates over the years. She is cautiously optimistic that years of therapy and hard work will keep her from collecting more horrific dating stories!
    Book ISBN: 9781005243128


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