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Description of the Book :


This assemblage holds alternate pieces of poetry as if in a conversation. With an I and a you, not making an us, this journey is personal to the reader but at the same time inhibits any kind of connection. There is a sense of loss. Pain is the only truth- no matter how massive it is. Some of these poetry will end or begin with a question. You don’t have to answer them. You just need to….live through them. No matter how big or small your origin of grief is, it still matters. The connection between someone who is a stranger to you is fleeting and with this transient memory, this assemblage will bring a certain sense of loss, a loss that seems adequate in all of its capacities. This stranger could be someone whom you met on a train, in a cafe or someone who peeks at you when your sodden self goes wary of itself. Through my poetry I have always wanted that the reader feels at home- a home that is both- maddening and pleasing.

You, I and the Midnight Sky

  • Author's Name: Ashnita Saraswat
    About the Author: An emerging poetess in her wake, ‘Tri’, brings about in “you, I and the midnight sky” something of her own. Her experience remains ubiquitous to her readers and the fact that this is her first assemblage to have ever published brings about a sense of rawness and undeniable agreement among people that is often temporary and yet so fulfilling. Hailing from a commoner’s background, Tri through her poetry often tries to quench people in a way that is often harsh and succumbing- a gist of an ever pervading society. Profoundly inspired by Arthur Schopenhauer’s pessimist philosophy, she gauges a sense of sharp and tainting perception that often corners the best of us. In her early 20s, she is all set to pervade into the consciousness of people by burgeoning the aspects that are indeed- realistic and not optimistic.
    Book ISBN: 9781005575885


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