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Description of the Book:

'You dropped your bones' are the the things that were left behind. Regrets, love, life, dreams or simply my words and yours and much more. It is a short collection of poems, my insides, my bones, dropped here because I found myself incapable of having or leaving behind a heart.

You dropped your bones

  • Author Name: Tamu
    About the Author: Khushi Choudhary, pen named 'Tamu' was born and has spent most of her life on earth and plans to stay here until a greener and more beautiful planet is found. She started writing on a mere whim at the age the age 13 and got a taste for poetry through the works of Anne Sexton and Emily Dickinson. "You dropped your bones" is her first publication at the age of eighteen.
    Book ISBN: 9781005609184


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