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Being a veterinarian is a dream job for many people. Most definitely for Dr. Kiefer. But there was so much about being a vet that she really couldn't imagine- until she experienced it first hand. Join Dr. Kiefer to get a first hand look at living life as a vet. She writes one poem a day, for twenty one days, sharing life in and out of the clinic. The haunting, joyful, heartbreaking, honest reality of a profession many long to be a part of.

You Dreamed of Being a Veterinarian?

SKU: 9789358317558
  • Author's Name: Dr. Kristina Kiefer

    About the Author: Kishan Shah is the head of his own company, Thiiird World, which has three branches; Education, Arts and Charity. He gained his mathematics degree at Aston University and acquired his PGCE qualification from The University of Reading. Having a mathematics degree and being a former teacher Kishan continues to tutor mathematics through the Education branch of his company. The Arts branch concentrates on his writing, story telling, public speaking, spoken word poetry and performing where he goes by the pseudonym Spoken Thiiird. He began writing in 2012 and has since written plays, books and has performed in front of tens of people to the thousands. He has spoken at schools and universities, which include the London School of Economics where he gave a talk on his latest book 'Diary of a Pilgrim' released January 2019. Kishan traveled around the world during 2019 where he got to share his latest book and give talks on spirituality and Jainism. This included talks in Toronto, New York, Yellowstone National Park, Singapore, Mumbai, Pune and Dharampur. In 2020 Kishan launched his podcast ‘Thiiird Eye View’ where he interviews people about their story and passion and in 2022 he released his hip hop mixtape T.O.J. Kishan comes from the relatively unknown Jain faith where he offers views from the eastern tradition which can be used in today's world.
    Book ISBN: 9789358317558
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