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Description of the Book:


You Can is Sadhana 's first children's book. You Can is a treasure of raising children with empathy, emotional self recognition and dealing with the disturbances of adulthood making the child emotionally intelligent .

The book highlights on the vivid experiences of children & it also focus on anxiety & loneliness the children experience due to peer pressure or lack of parental understanding . The book treasures the emotions and intuitions of children who want to paint their sky pink.

You Can

SKU: 9789360949075
  • Author's Name: SADHANA ACHARYA

    About the Author: SADHANA ACHARYA was born in 1974 in Brahmapur, the coastal town of Odisha. She is a post graduate in History & English Literature with a professional master's degree in Education.Her long standing teaching career of two and a half decades have groomed her well in understanding child psychology.Her primary objective in educating children has been motivating the students to shine in & outside the classroom. Besides teaching, she also works for animal rehabilitation and child education. 'You Can' is Sadhana 's first children's book. You Can leaves an effective note on parenting and the child psychology.
    Book ISBN: 9789360949075
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