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Description of the Book:

From one pic to another,
you scroll down,
you move on,
forgetting how you said, "Hi",
When you were already saying, "Bye",
Now theory says, "Introvert doesn't reply first",
Extroverts have building approaches,
stop and stare, Never,
easy to set up,
things getting pretty smooth,
the bare minimum trial,
saying now,
You are not my type, honey!

You Are Not My Type, Honey!

  • Author Name: Asim Mudgal
    About the Author: Hello, my readers, my name is Asim Mudgal and I am pursuing my graduation degree from Delhi University. I am going to complete it in expected 2022. I believe that not everything comes up with twist and so is my writing journey. I remember 4.5 years back (2018) when I started writing I was newbie and my earlier ideas of writing were based on someone else stories. I was influenced by their emotions and my emotions were inside the world where I never really went. soon, I learnt to craft my own stories and things that were happening with and in my life. In the process of doing so I kept the flow of emotions keep growing and I learned my way of expression. Expression and expressing has never been part of my life and now when do have to say something I just record myself. I recently joined Content writing internship and also started a @YouTube channel named (Unknown Mudgal) to share my feelings and my world ? that I used to keep with me earlier. In growing years when I will complete my 5 years as a writer including the breaks I have taken in between I want to learn and grow up myself more. There's no other way to say that this world belongs to Us and if your childhood doesn't belongs to your 10s or 15s then it belongs to your 30s. So keep living .
    Book ISBN: 9785358857704


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