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Description of the Book:


This book photographs the spirituality present within the heart, mind, and soul. The poems in this collection will spark you to rise above your troubles and woes. These poems will give you the courage and much needed steps to take actions of faith to persevere through life’s storms. These poems are a reflection of warm yellow skies given to us by God to comfort us. I hope this collection warms your heart and nourishes your mind.

Yellow Skies

SKU: 9789360948481
  • Author's Name: Lakella Davenport

    About the Author: Lakella Lavette Davenport is a former secondary school teacher who has always had a passion for poetry and the literary arts. She has self-published three full-length poetry collections. She is a wonderful mother of two beautiful sons. She enjoys writing about God, nature, family, and the world around her. She hopes this collection will inspire you on your life's journey.
    Book ISBN: 9789360948481
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