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Description of the Book:

"x and a half axis" is a book that was born out of urgency. An urgency to put into words, the words that would've lost meaning otherwise. All the little pieces of a person floating through oblivion, carrying an invaluable body of character formed as a reaction to their intimate experience of the world. The poems were written in an urgency to collect these little pieces and form a meaningful, if incoherent, picture. If it weren't for the incoherent, incomplete "x and a half axis", there wouldn't be a place to plot these pieces that define everything.

X and a Half Axis

  • Author's Name: Sriya Musunuru
    About the Author: Sriya Musunuru is a self-published author of "Of Illusions and Delusions." This is her second collection of poems that revolves around the themes of people's perspectives, sensibilities and her world-view.
    Book ISBN: 9781005081935


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