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Description of the Book:

An anthology of choicest poems, the book takes you inside the heart of the author, in a bid to put you on the path towards the rainbow, especially when it rains. It is a non exhaustive collection of the most profound pieces on love, happiness, peace, hope, fear etc.-twenty poems on the relatable things that make us only human and how. The author invokes optimism through her writings in various areas of life, while providing thought-provoking precious insights on some other causes close to her heart.

Writings on the rainbow

  • Author Name: Gunjan Mehta
    About the Author: Gunjan Mehta is a lawyer turned academician, currently pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy(PhD) degree in Law. She's also quite an environmental evangelist, given her expertise in Environmental Law. A passionate wordsmith, she has published other pieces of writings, such as quotes and stories as a co-author before, in certain other anthologies. A happy soul and lover of nature, adventure and fun, she seeks to inspire, create awareness, spread joy and positivity around, and more, all through her writings.


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