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Description of the Book :


Written as a chronological string of narrative, Writing to Reach You discusses the emotions of growing up; of falling in and out of love; of the tenderness of friendship and the intensity of grieving. Sensitive and powerful, this book brings new insight to all the emotion that makes us human.

Writing to Reach You

  • Author's Name : Willow McGlashan
    About the Author : Willow is the kind of person who leaves everything to the last minute and then panics about it. She loves sports of any kind, music in all its shapes and colours, and every sort of weather. Stars, snow, and people-watching are some of her all-time favourites. In short, she is absolutely your average person. Her goal in life is to be someone who makes people feel comfortable, and also to become the witch from Brave. If the witch-gig falls through, she plans to graduate university and get a job doing something fun.
    Book ISBN : 9780104547649
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