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Description of the Book:


Beneath the fracture lines of the soul, "Writer's Guilt" reveals its scars. A poetry collection that confronts the ravages of trauma and heartbreak, it reveals the anguish of shattered hope and the resilience of the human spirit. Through the darkness, it
also finds solace in the warmth of love and the promise of hope, illuminating a raw and evocative journey of pain, healing, redemption, and ultimately, transformation.

Writer's Guilt

SKU: 9789360944889
  • Author's Name: AKHILA KRISHNA

    About the Author: Akhila Krishna's creative path diverges from design to verse, as she navigates the intersection of art and emotion. With a background in architecture and graphic design, she brings a unique perspective to her debut poetry collection, a cartography of the human experience. Through her words, she courageously explores the darkest corners of abuse, trauma, and loss, yet also reveals the resilience of the human spirit through themes of love and self-discovery.
    Book ISBN: 9789360944889
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