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Description of the Book:


'Words speak louder than actions' is a phrase we often hear. 'Worth it' is a book consisting a collection of poetry. This book contains such words that portray a new story with each new poem. Some feelings and emotions that we all experience in our lives are expressed through threads of mystic sentences that will fulfill your cravings of sturdy expectations. The book has multiple genres throughout and it will be a ravishing journey for the readers to explore.

Worth It

  • Author's Name: Ishi Gupta
    About the Author: Ishi Gupta lives in New Delhi, India with her parents and a brother. She has keen interest in literature and a passion for writing. Besides that, her love for learning multiple languages and learning about cultures is everlasting. She likes to sketch in her pastime and is currently completing her schooling. Worth It is her debut novel.
    Book ISBN: 9781005417833


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