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Description of the Book:


This is a small collection of poems displaying thought provoking statements, sentiments of life as a struggle and the feelings of love in the world. A mini snapshot into the workings of my mind and how things and life can be portrayed, specifically the adjustment of negative to positive.

Words with Meaning

SKU: 9789358316063
  • Author's Name: Abby Perratt

    About the Author: Drawing from inspiration of life experience and perspective of that around me I enjoy to share the first of my poetry. The appreciation of the underrated and the importance of a positive view are two things I have grown to understand and try to live by, my poetry reflects some of this journey. I try to be a good person, that's all any of us can do. There are ups and there are downs but the possibilities are endless. If you take nothing else from this book take the thought of holding respect, perspective and love as high priority in your life.
    Book ISBN: 9789358316063
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