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Description of the Book:

As problems arise, you can either run from them or face them. Distractions can make the issues fester and can result in mental deterioration. Facing them helps you get stronger and allows you to break free from being shackled by your problems. Using mindfulness, you can face your problems and free yourself. This is the journey from using distractions to run away to using mindfulness to contend with problems.

Words Unspoken

  • Author Name : Dancia Kendra Susilo
    About the Author : Dancia Kendra Susilo has a joint honours BA in Psychology and Linguistics through uOttawa and a PGCert in Digital Marketing through Wharton. She aspires to become a psychologist and intends to use some of her writing to compliment her therapy sessions. Susilo has multiple publications including a poetry/photography book (Collection of Thought), peer reviewed articles published by the British Psychological Society, and various work in Psych2Go Magazine.


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