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Description of the Book :


Welcome! To a secret little insiders club (shh!). In this book, you will see poems and songs I've written that 'Didn't Make The Cut' plus some general thoughts and feelings from a Day in The Life of Lili-Violet.
Sometimes we all go through crappy things, relationships, school, friend and family problems, mental illness, the list goes on!
I've found that using words to describe how I feel (even if I can't tell anyone) has been a great coping technique/mechanism to get my thoughts out, and some of my writing has helped create great songs or poems!​​​​​​​

Words That Didn't Make The Cut

  • Author's Name : Lili Violet
    About the Author : Growing up in a world where it felt as though she stood out more than most, Lili went through the rollercoasters that most young adults do but used her songwriting and poem writing as a coping mechanism to get through it all. Familial loss, relationship breakdown, and general teenage angst inspire most of Lili's work alongside lifestyle, environmental and social issues such as mental illness and disability. Some of her poems and songs have been produced and performed, but these... are the 'Words That Didn't Make the Cut'.
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