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Description of the Book:

Words travel, just like people do and they last longer than empires, civilisations and entire epochs. The words on paper and in this book are an ode to life itself, a tapestry of experiences.
Words are eternal, we all exist as echoes, some, beautiful and lighting up the world forever and some causing pain that linger on as scars.
This is an attempt to the capture that very essence that makes us, for what is the world but words come to life.
The words in this book have been inspired by life in all its shape shifting wonder and beauty.

Words of Us

  • Author Name: Tariq Fazal
    About the Author: Born in India and having lived in different countries, Tariq has always loved words. He believes all humans are words in living motion; that words are a basis for everything in this world and when they come to life, they have the power to bring about change. His love for stories, legends and mythologies has been pivotal in his journey of acknowleding the similarities and embracing the differences that exist within and between us all. He is a keen sportsman and and loves to read, travel and ponder about the beauty of words in all their forms!
    Book ISBN: 9787766333146


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