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Description of the Book:

‘If one could be bestowed with her choice of art, It sure would be the ability of wording the heart.’ The book as the name suggests is a collection of 20 poems that speak to you about everything your heart ever felt but couldn’t find enough words to describe it in. The magic of new beginnings, the trauma of loss & separation, nostalgia of your home town, that ineffable feeling on a Sunday, charm of date nights, your first rose that lies safely tucked in your diary, old school letters & love! This book is about you, pages that read your heart, feel your soul and ignite you from within.


  • Author Name: DEVIKA RAJ
    About the Author: A lawyer by profession and a writer at heart. Devika believes poetry is inking one's thinking and that's what she does! She writes down what she thinks, what she comes across and imagines what would it be like to be in an alternate universe somewhere in la la land. Writing is her therapy, she says, "I write all the time, on my good days and the bad. It works like magic when you make fresh lemonade of the lemons life throws at you." When not at her writing desk, she can be found juggling through the case files and courtrooms, and dreaming of a hot plate of chicken momos on top of a hill amidst the clouds; with her dog!


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