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Description of the Book:


Thoughtful, insightful, and heart wrenchingly raw, Woodfire, Smoke, and Broken Things captures the essence of what it means to lose everything, but still retain your humanity. Tackling issues of domestic violence, imposter syndrome, and single motherhood, each poem carefully weaves the harsh and often ugly realities of suffering with an unwavering hope that will leave you wanting more.

Woodfire, Smoke, and Broken Things

SKU: 9789358318609
  • Author's Name: Eileen Burnett

    About the Author: Eileen Burnett is a first generation American, the daughter of a Cuban exile mother and linguist American father. She is an alumna of the UHCL Humanities program, where, as a single mother in her 40's, she earned her B.A. in Literature with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, followed by a Masters in Comparative Literature. Eileen’s writings have been published in the UHCL’s Literary Journal, First Flight, the UHCL online campus newspaper, The Signal, and the internationally acclaimed Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle. Her poem, “Through the Void” hangs in the University's Writing Center, a collaborative visual work with local Hispanic artist Mariana Canino. Her first fairy tale, Zookeeper's Gorilla, will be released summer of 2024. Though she enjoys writing on a wide variety of subjects, including creative nonfiction, children’s books, and flash fiction, her passions lie in poetry, song, and tales to enjoy with family. She currently lives in a tiny, blue cottage just south of Houston, not far from the beach and comfortably close to horses. She enjoys living in the quiet, and when not reading, writing, or gaming, loves cooking, backyard fires with family and friends, and a really good cup of tea.
    Book ISBN: 9789358318609
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