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"The inspiration for this work is from the deep of the deep. The mystery in it is in the difference in our understanding.What we do not know is what we cannot explain.What we cannot explain is a mystery to us.We all see through the prism of life. Those who earnestly dwell long enough on what they see areFirst possessed by divinity as his ministers, and then carried out of themselves and shown the apparently unrevealed part and the meaning of what they see and their souls in ecstasy are Impelled, then inspired to communicate the minds of the deep concerning the affairs of men.The characters of this work are the interpreters, amplifiers and announcers of what theMinisters are inspired to utter. These intermediate links communicate from the ministers in the temple to the spectators the minds of the deep concerning the actions of men. By this power or influence, the deep sways the souls of men to the Direction of their choices. "

Women Shall Be Free

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