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Description of the Book:

A bundle of stories, lores and lessons put to rhyme and rhythm, "Within these Words" is a collection of poems resonating from around every other story that has been shared in the meantime; every other story that took a little longer to be expressed and every other story that was not necessarily meant to be heard. For what is poetry? But a slice of life precised just within these words.

Within these Words

  • Author Name:  Anagha Chacko
    About the Author: Born in 1998 to God's Own Country: Kerala, Anagha Chacko is a novice writer. Growing up, she has been a keen observer and her silent yet curious mind found its voice in words and paper. An ardent reader and a language enthusiast, she loves to celebrate cultural differences by being forgetful of language barriers. Amidst a thousand chapters of her life, she found some loose pages that she now bundles together with rhyme and time with the belief that the power of storytelling is beyond any other subjective power that will ever exist.
    Book ISBN:  9780795655692


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