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Description of the book:

The creases of our lives are a gateway to the love we feel, the anger that spills out, the pain that burns and the memories that shine through the cracks. Their traces can be physically shown through wrinkles across our faces, or permanent markings deep within our souls, moulding who we are. Life is full of bumps, dips and forks in the road which create our journey’s story. Escape your own journey for just a while and enjoy the love, thrill and peace that many of these poems offer to you on a fresh page. This collection of narrative, free verse poetry opens a window into the highs and lows of life and how they have an impact on who we are. Indulge on each word and even make your own creases as you travel through this book.

Within The Creases

  • Author Name : A. C. French
    About the Author : A. C. French, a young writer from the North East of England, has captured the indentations that mark our life through this collection of poetry in her first, published book. Growing up in Teesside, the author has excelled in English throughout school and went on to gain A Levels in English Language, Law and Psychology. As an enthusiast for the arts, she has always found peace and escapism through writing poetry and narrative fiction. Alongside a strong passion for equality, which has been channelled throughout her work, the 18 year old writer also enjoys partaking in classical Ballet. Although at the start of her publishing and writing journey, A. C. French is eager to share more fragments of her imagination. To keep up to date on A. C. French’s work and discover more about the author, Find her on Instagram @a.c.french


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