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Description of the Book:

It is a journey of surviving Through the darkest of clouds Awaiting a ray of hope That solves the labyrinth of thoughts That helps to stay sane Amidst chaos and storms Finding a path that leads To hurting and healing

Withering wildflower

  • Author Name: Govind Suresh
    About the Author: Govind Suresh is a poet, writer and author of the new and first book Withering wildflower. He hails from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. He graduated from Amrita school of Arts and Science and completed his Masters in Business Administration from the prestigious institution IBS, Hyderabad. A successful banker at HDFC bank during the day and writer at night, Govind gives equal importance to his professional and writing career. He is also a travel enthusiast, melophile and an avid sports lover. He has shown a very impressive usage of words, depth and eloquence in his works from a very young age. Govind's works express strong emotions like love, loss, intimacy, trauma and glimpses of a bittersweet past. His works make us fall in love with our imperfections, embrace our insecurities and takes us back to a gray-toned yet cherished memories. He is also an active content writer on various social media platforms. You can find his work on Instagram @gvd_94


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