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Description of the Book:


The conurundrum of hope keeps the sands of time flowing. Written in the backdrop of a dreary pandemic: In love, in losses, in spring and in fall, these verses will take you through these cyclical emotions of joy and sorrow that come and go, as the fate takes its toll.

Withering Tempests

  • Author Name: Raju Behara
    About the Author: 
    Raju Behara has been working in the healthcare and pharma industry for over 7 years now. Healthcare access to all, queer rights, feminism, mental health and their cat, Maya are what keeps them going. Raju is also associated with queer collectives that work on facilitating peer-support and enable conversations on gender and sexuality through art, poetry and activism. They also dabble in baking, decoupage, and gardening. Currently, in their hometown, a coastal hamlet Vizag, Raju firmly believes in creating safe spaces for queer folks that foster discussion and nurture empathy.


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