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Description of the Book:

Life is a poetry, isn't it? Each day offers us an opportunity to make new verses having flavours of bliss and blues.

This work is a compilation of poems that documents the journey of a soul who chase for nothing but pure enlightenment. The verses churned out from his heart have an healing effect. Will the soul find the right verses to heal as he strives to come out of the withdrawal symptoms? Dive into this one to find out.

Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Author Name: Akhil Shylaja Sasidharan
    About the Author: A lawyer by profession and an aesthete by passion. His educational qualifications comprise of bachelors of law and bachelors of business administration from School of Legal Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology. Currently, he is pursuing Masters in Psychology from Indira Gandhi National Open University. Apart from his budding career as a lawyer, he has a penchant for creative explorations such as writing, acting and filmmaking. His other areas of interest include cycling, running, cricket, psychology, current affairs, volunteering and leadership.
    Book ISBN: 9784517163885


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