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Description of the Book

With a hue of self love resonating in each chapter and radiating out the same, this book retrains the mind to humbly accept life as it is, to love ourselves in the downs of life, to persevere and remain patient for whatever we are praying for and to be grateful for every little things in life, every heartache and every person we are blessed with, because there is a sole purpose at the end for everything we are going through now. By the end of your read, you will feel that somewhere, somebody goes through the same as you, feels the same as you and the love through this book will make you feel “So, i am not alone”, that we are all in this together and so is the author’s message “With Love”

With Love-From my Heart to Yours-

  • Author Name:Mademshila Jamir
    About the Author : Mademshila Jamir, currently pursuing her PhD in Geology is an avid reader who loves to journal daily. Growing up, she was fascinated by her dad’s personal library collections from stories to testimonies of people from all walks of life and this led to some early exposure to read a lot along with her dad being a bibliophile himself, since then she was drawn to life lessons from every person’s story and hence developed the passion to write from 14 with the zeal to focus on self love which she feels is an important aspect of mental health, She believes poetry can change the world especially when there’s a beautiful message to grasp, ‘With Love’ is her debut book in which most of the poems are narrative poetry as she tries to stress on the importance of self love and giving out that same love. During her liesures, when not reading and writing she would grab hold of her hook and yarn to crochet anything. Knitting, crocheting and sewing is her sweetest escape. She loves simple things like watching sunsets, dancing in the rain, admiring the sight of white roses and loves taking care of her plants.


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