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With Love, For Love

  • Shriya Gaur
    Nany years ago, in a school in Delhi, a scrawny teenager named Shriya developed a crush on a boy and did not know what to do with all those emotions (spoiler alert- she still doesn't). So, like always, she found solace in a paper and pen, scribbling down poetry in her journal which was just vague euphulame she was trying to get to rhyme. Not much has changed since then, except the fact that instead of a light-up diary she now has a beige journal and unlike 13-year-old Shriya, this woman in her last year of teenage writes about the universe, strangers she's not going to see again, beautifies her scary 3 am thoughts and tries very hard to not bombard her therapist with poetry when asked how she's feeling. Even though she's the life of the party and on her quest to become a psychologist, she still has things she'd rather pan down in mataphors than say them out loud to people. Some abstracts from those hidden letters in her notebooks have found their way into this book. Hope they give you the courage to tell people you love them, unlike her.


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