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Description of the Book:


Description: Introducing "With Love", a love letter from one soul to another.  Embark on a voyage of profound passion and eternal love enunciated through poignant prose and soul-stirring ruminations in this gorgeous collection of romantic poems that depict the magical and sublime experience of falling in love, coming together, falling apart and perhaps, reuniting once more in the realms of the divine.  Come and relive the joy of falling in love, With Love.

With Love: A Love Letter from One Soul to Another.

SKU: 9781005721206
  • Author's Name: Neha Sharma
    About the Author: An experienced educator with an undying passion for spreading joy through the written word, Neha Sharma is an avid writer well versed in the craft of weaving magic through tender verses.  With years of experience in the content writing arena, she is also a published author on Amazon Kindle, who is now living her dream of getting her poetry book published.  Get in touch with her on LinkedIn today!
    Book ISBN: 9781005721206


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