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Description of the Book:


"Wishin' - for a person who answers all my prayers" is a collection of poems, each revealing a different stage of situationships. All write-ups are picked from the personal diary of the author. These poems depict true stories, confessions & also hidden messages. With the turning of pages, it tells the story of a hopeless romantic who falls in love with a reckless heart. The set of poems is a perfect blend of romance, passion & spice. The book will take you on an imaginary adventure as the author describes their loved one as the main character of the story.

Wishin’ For a person who answers all my prayers

SKU: 9789360940171
  • Author's Name: Kanika Lalwani

    About the Author: Kanika Lalwani is an artist and the founder of “Magicshop” & “Cafe Mooncrush” - two of the local friendly neighbourhood baking ventures. Unlike any other curious woman in her late 20’s, she enjoys adventure & mystery. Born on 17th December 1997, She started writing since the age of 8 & published her first book “The other side of my heart” in the year 2021. Her writings reflect her emotional & quirky personality. Her poems have always been a perfect blend of emotions, reality & delusion. Her hobbies include baking, composing & singing. Her songs - “Same Sky (2020)” & “Love me right (2022)” are available on youtube. Kanika chooses penning poems to escape this reality & explore her imagination.
    Book ISBN: 9789360940171
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