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Description of the Book:

I am a born and raised loner. My entire life, I've been looking for a place to call home... to feel home. It turned out that my home was not a place but a person. Call it love, call it friendship, call it the meeting of soulmates. He was my home. And I knew from the beginning that it all was too good to be true. But unconsciously, I decided to enjoy the feeling as long as it would last. And yes, it ended pretty soon. And I don't know whether it's worse to never have a home or to finally find it only to lose it shortly after. Now, I'm homeless yet free again. In this book, you'll read about love, pain, hope and, most importantly, a journey of healing. If you are at a stage of pain yet, I know, it is a tough journey. But everything happens for a reason. Even if we'll never get to know or understand that reason. And if my poems make you feel less alone in your journey, my pain reached its purpose.

Wild Flower

SKU: 9785325327469
  • Author Name: Semra Altuntas
    About the Author: My name is Semra Altuntas and I am a university teacher in Public International and European Law. I am born, raised, and currently living in the Netherlands. I'm a child of first-wave immigrants who have always been strongly connected to their roots. This put me on a bridge between my roots and wings, never been able to choose my side. Guess I just don't have a side. Knowing both worlds, speaking a few languages, and the freedom to move back and forth are priceless. At the end of the day, I'm me. And that's enough.
    Book ISBN: 9785325327469


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