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Description of the Book:

Who put LAUGHTER in SLAUGHTER ? is a fascinatingly clever compendium of 20 lucid yet profound verses that boldly tread the untrodden in terms of both theme and form. It features traditional structures like sonnets, ballads, limericks and rhymed pieces in addition to modern renditions and experiments such as free verses, palindromic poems, abecedarian and word sonnets. Containing pieces like “The Man-eater of Sunderban”, “The Perfect Wife”, “The Emperor of Ice Cream”, “The Legend of Red Anemones”, “Fall” etc., this highly perceptive book does not limit itself to any one theme but straddles across subjects that should make a human reflect and think hard. Like its title, the book asks difficult questions, challenges the norm, connects disparate planes for fresh diverse perspectives and holds an unbiased mirror in front of humanity ; however neither does it impose optimistic viewpoints and readymade solutions on its readers, nor sells happily ever after endings. It sure offers hope to those looking for it, but not without reminding them to acknowledge and understand the shackles that bind them to their realities. Furthermore, included in the book is the author’s rationale and inspiration behind every poem to aid the readers in shaping their own interpretations.


SKU: 9780463566183
  • Author Name: Dimitri Mallik
    About the Author: Dimitri Mallik is a promising sophomore of English literature in the eminent St Stephen’s College, University of Delhi. She passed out from her Alma Mater, Auxilium Convent, Kolkata securing an AIR 2 in her ISC examination. She has been actively engaged in debating , spoken poetry and creative writing since childhood, authoring multiple poems, short stories, declamations and articles that have won intra and inter school awards. Her short story “A World Without Facebook” and poem “It’s Not Over Yet” also secured the first rank in two national creative writing competitions – Albert Barrow Memorial All India Inter-School Creative Writing Competition by CISCE and StoryMirror’s India’s largest Online Creative Writing Competition respectively. Her poems and write-ups are novel literary experiments in form and theme which allow umpteen interpretations and reading between the lines. The beautiful, comprehensive and unconventional treatment of socially relevant content reflect the wide ambit of her reading and her aptitude for finding the “poetic” even in the mundane. Moreover, her aspiration to join the Indian Foreign Services can be inferred from the globally panoramic yet pertinent references she carefully curates in her literary pieces. Several of her works await publication. She can be found at @_of.the.earth_ on Instagram.
    Book ISBN: 9780463566183


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