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Description of the Book:


Memories: The remembering or commemoration of the past. It is a thing we all strive to keep a good relationship with. All the poems in this book are just an attempt to keep those memories alive and afresh. And hence each poem is sprinkled with an ample amount of imagery. It’s an attempt to keep all those moments and strangers alive if not in my memory but in my poetries.

White , Black and Grey

  • Author's Name: Kshitij Thakkar
    About the Author: He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. Maths is his first love but he isn't the typical nerd that you've imagined already. His feelings and thoughts flow through words on paper and hence weaving his emotions together through poetry and stories is his favourite form of self-expression. He finds his solace in listening to music and hence playing musical instruments is something he thoroughly enjoys. He is a firm believer of the thought that reading gives you perspective and so he often finds himself immersed in the world of books be it science or literature. He believes that you can achieve big things even while having fun and living in the moment. You can find him and a glimpse of his work on Instagram @kshitij_thakkar_
    Book ISBN: 9781005516482


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