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While the tunes of the million things we have heard about ourselves play in our head, some are expressible while others are not as much. They say love is hard to put into words, but grief? That’s the tough one. We feel grief without knowing why. We feel an unexplainable sadness even on the most perfect days, and we all have that “pain in our chests” when someone says something we didn’t want to hear. Yet, here I am trying to put this same exact feeling into words that might make sense to people who are similar to me. When asked who I am, I immediately reply with 'Divyanshi,' but who am I beyond the walls and layers I've created for myself? This was my question when I first dipped my pen into the ink of introspection. The answer remains a partial mystery, but through the verses in this book, I hope to unravel some of the threads, and in doing so, provide a mirror for you to explore your own labyrinth of identity. So as my scribbles and words turn me into a person, with actual emotions and an identity (which I am not yet sure of), I present to you, Whispers Within.

Whispers Within

SKU: 9789360948542
  • Author's Name: Divyanshi Sarawgi

    About the Author: Authors are neither ordinary nor are they abnormal. An author is a personified passerine gliding down mountains. Authors are those who reach out for freedom in the truest sense of it all: expression. Divyanshi Sarawgi is one such budding passerine from Guwahati, a small metropolitan city in India. Writing was always an escape for her. It had given her a sense of solace amidst chaos. Her vision for her first courageous attempt at breaking apart the barriers of judgement, was her book ‘Whispers Within’. It served as a way for her to pop her own bubble and step out of her comfort zone. Embracing this art, she is aware of the fact that this book isn’t flawless and so she is determined to hone her skill, her ability to express. For it was her best friend in the darkest of times, her escape when the noise was put on a volume too high and her way of winding down when life got too much to bear. Divyanshi is the person who would proudly turn everyone’s problems into poems that people read while sadness takes hold and all her solutions into poems that would help people heal. ‘They call us dreamers, yet we’re the ones that don’t sleep.’
    Book ISBN: 9789360948542
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