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Description of the Book:

This is where my feelings thrive, and breathe life into each line. This is where I command them, to rhyme every emotion of mine. This is where the moment stops, and lets time wait for a while, to admire my little rhymes, and flash a heartfelt smile. Come and find your little self, set your throbbing heart free. Let yourself delve into, the depths of eternity…

Whispers of the Gypsy Soul

  • Author Name: DEBOLINA C BAKSHI
    About the Author: Debolina C Bakshi aka Melody Princess Lina, is a musician at heart, teacher by profession and writer by passion. She spends most of her time inspiring her students and guiding them in the best way she can. She spends the rest of her time penning her feelings down, reading books, crooning her favourite melodies and strumming the guitar she has nicknamed ‘Blaze’. She was born and brought up in Digboi, a small industrial town in Upper Assam. She now lives in Dibrugarh with her husband and in-laws. Inspired by her family, she developed interest in poetry at a very young age and had her first poem published in a regional English newspaper at the tender age of nine. She started blogging in 2015 - posting poems, short stories, anecdotes and articles on contemporary issues which receive wide appreciation from her readers on her blog site In Facebook and Instagram, her write-ups and poems are popular among readers as they are able to relate to them. Many of her letters and articles on contemporary issues have also been published in reputed newspapers. On weekends, she can be found sipping coffee and reading Happy Potter with her husband.


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