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Description of the Book:


I invite you on a slow train journey with beverages and cookies, experiencing a nap in the open, surrounded by tiny flowers. A theatre play of peace and a circus of fairies. The inspiring walks of princesses and the question of death, along with mystery. An interesting occupation and the embellishments of fabric and space. This might be a tale that renovates your philosophy. The composition of various magical creatures and phenomena conveys the message of unity and tranquility through persuasion. Abandon arrogance for resilience. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Accept my invitation and embark on this rejuvenating hike. Fun for children and adults alike.

Whispering Lullabies - A toast to peace

SKU: 9789360940058
  • Author's Name: Tina A S

    About the Author: The author, Tina A.S, is a ninth-grade student hailing from Chennai. In an era when women pursuing education was taboo, her family staunchly believed in the importance of educating women. Tina is part of a lineage comprising five generations of modern educated women. Having attended more than eight schools across India, she has interacted with diverse pupils, tutors, and syllabi, enriching her understanding of life beyond textbooks. Consistently achieving general proficiency in all her schools, Tina's interactions with her kin taught her the art of adaptation and the brilliance of the human mind. Her travels to various cities in India with her parents have nurtured her appreciation for tradition and civilization. Engaging in enlightening conversations with her parents and benefiting from their continuous guidance, Tina has gained wisdom beyond her years. An artist at heart, Tina finds solace in Oil and Water colors, appreciating their earthy tones and fluidity respectively. She is inspired by various artists, poets and authors. She has garnered several awards in painting and drawing Olympiads, showcasing her talent and dedication to her craft. Tina's literary journey commenced with storytelling and writing, evolving into a passion for oratory. Currently, she is exploring various handicrafts, eager to expand her artistic horizons. In her leisure time, Tina indulges in singing, playing the piano, and observing the behavior of her beloved pets.
    Book ISBN: 9789360940058
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