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"Whispering Everlasting Echoes: A Poetic Odyssey" invites readers to embark on an enchanting exploration of the human heart, navigating the nuanced contours of life's emotional spectrum. Across 21 evocative poems, the collection serves as a literary rollercoaster, gracefully weaving through the highs and lows that define the human experience. From the innocent ripples of joy in "Whispers of New Beginnings" to the comforting warmth of "Harmony in Kin," and the intoxicating highs of love depicted in "Fluttering Petals of Innocence," each verse emerges as a brushstroke, delicately painting the canvas of existence with vibrant hues.

Yet, within life's intricate tapestry, shadows emerge. "Shattered Melodies" resonates with the depths of heartbreak, while "Silent Battles in Office Halls" echoes the challenges found in the professional landscape. The pinnacle of this emotional odyssey is reached in "Symphony of Everlasting Echoes," a celebration of love's enduring strength. Through the trials of relationships, readers are led to the crescendo of ultimate happiness. Beyond the realms of verse, this book transcends the conventional, becoming a guiding light that inspires readers to draw strength from adversity, embrace the authenticity of their journey, and gracefully navigate the complexities of life. Immerse yourself in this transformative narrative—a lyrical journey that echoes the shared heartbeat of the human experience, leaving an indelible mark on the soul.

Whispering Everlasting Echoes

SKU: 9789360942939
  • Author's Name: Sahithya Balasubramaniam

    About the Author: Sahithya Balasubramaniam, a beacon of literary excellence, possesses an impressive record of eight victories in Monomousumi's International Monthly Essay Writing Competition, coupled with the esteemed Editor's Choice Award in Monomousumi's Creative Writing Contest. Her storytelling finesse extends to the authorship of three impactful solo books - "Loving the Quest: A Spiral of Thoughts," "Stepping Into My Nineteen," & "On My Mind: Millions of Thoughts," as well as co-authoring 7 World Record Winning Books, contributing significantly to the literary landscape. Beyond the written word, Sahithya's influence radiates through public speaking, with a penchant for engaging with diverse audiences. A consistent victor in the Daily Writeup Challenge, her words have graced prestigious platforms, including newspapers, online magazines, and blogs. Recognized as the "Author of the Year 2020" by Ne8x for "Loving the Quest: A Spiral of Thoughts" and conferred with the titles of "Inspiring Author for the year 2021" and “Voice of Indian Literature” by Ne8x, Sahithya seamlessly harmonizes her love for writing with a thriving career as a software developer. As a dynamic literary force, she is currently immersed in a captivating lineup of books in progress, spanning historical fiction, self-development non-fiction, poetry, and various other genres, promising a continued exploration of diverse literary landscapes. Conducting impactful webinars on "Enhancing One’s English Skills" and delivering powerful lectures, such as "Inner Peace – Ultimate Success," Sahithya Balasubramaniam epitomizes the seamless fusion of passion and profession in her literary journey.
    Book ISBN: 9789360942939
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