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Embark on a poetic journey down memory lane with "Whiskers and Giggles," where the laughter of childhood echoes alongside the whimsy of our cherished pets. This collection of verses not only captures the hilarious escapades of our furry friends but also intertwines the playful threads of childhood memories.
In this volume, join me as I navigate through the laughter-filled alleys of funny childhood incidents and the heartwarming companionship of beloved pets. From mischievous escapades to the endearing naivety of youth, these poems weave a tapestry of humor and nostalgia, celebrating the timeless connection between the joy of pets and the innocence of childhood.
Each poem is a snapshot of moments that bring a grin to the face and a warm twinkle to the eye, whether it's the misadventures of playful pets or the whimsical tales of days gone by. "Whiskers and Giggles" invites you to relive the mirth of your own childhood, alongside the delightful antics of furry friends, in a poetic celebration of the simple yet profound moments that shape our lives.
So, settle into the cozy embrace of these verses, where laughter and reminiscence dance hand in paw, creating a poetic symphony that echoes the everlasting magic of funny incidents and the timeless connection we share with our pets.

Whiskers and Giggles: A Paw-sitively Nostalgic Poetry Collection

SKU: 9789358315639
  • Author's Name: Tushita Bandelu

    About the Author: Tushita Bandelu is a Mathematics tutor by profession and poet by passion. Already celebrated for her book, "Essential Spells for Defeating Maths Monsters" and her poem collection, "My Tryst With Love," now she returns with "Whiskers and Giggles - A Paw-sitively Nostalgic Poetry Collection."
    Book ISBN: 9789358315639
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