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Description of the book:

Where We Once Existed explores the joys and pains of falling in love, out of love, and the loss of love. Each poem is a snapshot of the journey from the sweetest moments to the most bitter.

Where We Once Existed

  • Author Name : Allison Coutts
    About the Author : Allison Coutts is an American poet who grew up in Ainsworth, Nebraska. They went to Iowa State University to pursue their love of all things old and undiscovered, receiving their Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology/Archaeology. After various careers and dabbling in poetry and writing, Allison is publishing their first poetry collection, with Where We Once Existed. Their other published works include a book of photography, Through the Seasons, and a mental health journal. I’m Overwhelmed: A Journal for Gathering Yourself. Both are currently available for purchase on Amazon. Allison now lives in North Carolina and continues chasing their creative pursuits, including Podcasting, Art, and Writing. Find them on Instagram @coutts_creations, @wandering_creative, and @funwithfriendspodcast.


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