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Description of the Book:


"Where's Home" by SANKET MISHRA is a personal odyssey through loss and rediscovery. In a world which is going through a reckoning of what's worthy , the poet uses verse to question the understanding of his self.

With words borrowed from a foreign language, Sanket, traces his fingers through events that have shaped his life and tries to find common ground with a universe that seems unknowable and enigmatic.

In this mess of language, words and memories, Sanket invites his readers to embarks on a journey of their own and hopes their quest of finding home is more fruitful than his own.

Where's Home

SKU: 9789363312555
  • Author's Name: Sanket Mishra

    About the Author: Sanket Mishra is a Cancer survivor and lives in India with his wife and child. As a freelance writer, he has been published in print and online journals including Existere, Kavya Bharati and The Missing Slate. In the time he is not writing, he codes and speaks in parentese.
    Book ISBN: 9789363312555
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