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Description of the Book:

"Little did someone know about his battles, being fought on blank sheets." This book is a collection of poems about a writer and his safe spaces. He depicts images of mental health, cusses about humanity, celebrates denials and what-ifs, and finds this longing comfort inside places that seems chaotic but perfectly set, to let out his vulnerability. There are times when he forgets his present and finds himself scattered everywhere, so he could rather settle in images amidst the gloom that surrounds him. Just after the ink has run dry and the light seems too dark, he removes himself from this pretentious world for a while and ties himself to reality, so he could spill it all and start all over.


  • Author Name: Melvin J Gideon
    About the Author: 
    Melvin J Gideon comes from this hybrid of emotions called Chennai, South India. He is a content writer and musician who find 'WORDS' to be the middle ground between the two. Love for the language was found through an uncle of his, who found something intriguing in his writing, rhyme, and editing skills when he was 11. Thanks to the inspiration of the 80s' and 90s' music, as it was the lyrical geniuses of rock bands that later made him write his own songs during the end of high school- a timeline where was also served as an organist for his church. The writings became more personal after consecutive hardships that he had to deal with later on in life. And now moving forward, he hopes to voice out mental health as loud as he can, so that people aren't ashamed or guilty of embracing their own battles.


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