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Description of the book


The world today is slowly losing the lustre of humanity. Are you one of those, feeling the burden of oppression? Does the news of prejudice and indifference towards certain groups of people evoke feelings of distress and lament within your heart? You wish there was a quick-fix for every issue in society.

‘Where Do I Belong?’ is a collection of poems reflecting the cry of the oppressed whilst encouraging readers to respond to the hilt in compassion and love. This book reveals one solution that was evident from the beginning, but overlooked by the generations and is the best antidote to the current world scenario.

Where Do I Belong?

  • Author Name: Nikita Berkmons
    About the Author: Nikita Berkmons, author of Where Do I Belong?Nikita was born and raised in India, in the tropical state of Goa. She considers faith and family to be her anchor & likes her weekends full of positive, life-affirming company. Besides reading and making journal entries, she enjoys the outdoors, sunsets, occasional Hallmark movies and a daily dose of hot coffee.
    Book ISBN: 9781005439439


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