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Description of the Book:

"Where Am I Going?" is a collection of 20 free verse poems by Patrick Poulin. The poems tend to be experimental in nature, and vary from comical meta pieces such as "POEM TITLE HERE" to much more emotional and raw works like "When I Was a Kid". The poems explore many different themes, such as the complexities of love, passion for art, the elusiveness of time, the pain of memories, the uncertainty of identity, and quite a few more. At its core, however, this is a book about growth, all the nasty conflicting emotions that come with it, all the bizarre artistic expressions it invites, and the beautiful freedom it leads to.

Where Am I Going?

  • Author Name: Patrick Poulin
    About the Author: Patrick Poulin is a 19 year old writer, actor and filmmaker based in Montreal. He has a DEC in Pure and Applied Sciences from Dawson College, and will now be studying for a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Literature at McGill University. He is incredibly passionate about art and storytelling. He is an award-winning filmmaker, with two of the short films he has written and directed having been shown at a variety of film festivals. He is also now working on his first ever feature length film. He feels incredibly self-absorbed and pretentious for having referred to himself as an award-winning filmmaker earlier, but he will surely keep it in because of his inflated ego. He is somewhat unsure as to why he is referring to himself in the third person. On June 7, 2021, he ate a toast. He wasn't expecting to write this book. It kind of just happened. He is incredibly happy that he did, though, and he appreciates you reading it. This book is very important to him, and he has shared a lot about himself in it. So thank you, very very much, for indulging him.
    Book ISBN: 9788311142930


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