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Description of the Book:


Based on the reality of today's world, this book is insightful, relatable, inspiring and certainly required for all to read, think, learn and evolve.

- Figuring out People
-Figuring out Life
-Figuring out Self

These are the basis of our reality. And, through them, we will hopefully find our way towards our calling, our purpose. Being awakened to reality and the meaning behind it all, the author was motivated to guide her readers to gather and evolve through her words of wisdom. To be awakened is a lifelong practice that sometimes detaches us from the 'world' we happen to call life.


SKU: 9789358733808
  • Author's Name: GAURI BUDH
    About the Author: Geetanjali Sharma (GAURI BUDH) is a communications specialist turned writer. She’s a postgraduate in International Communication from Macquarie University, Australia. Words and wisdom come to her naturally and nothing seems more powerful and important than sharing with the world the realities of the past, the present and the future. Her debut book ‘When you know, you know’ is a mirror for the modern world to pay attention to life. Living through reality with a purpose to further evolve remains the end goal of all human journeys on earth. Her writings are inspiring and thought-provoking. Find out more about GAURI BUDH on her website
    Book ISBN: 9789358733808
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