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Description of the Book:

Since a young age, I've enjoyed writing poetry and over time, I've seen growth in my writings. There are moments where I know exactly what I want to say and how l will put it together, and there are times I stare at a blank canvas for days, knowing that soon that the words will flow. This publication is a selection of some of my favorite poems that I've written. Each poem has a strong inspiration behind it. Enjoy reading!

When Words Flow: A Selection of Poems

  • Author's Name: Rumina Hashmani
    About the Author: Born and raised in London, England, Rumina Hashmani is a graphic artist and a talented young woman! She spent her teenage years in Orlando, Florida and returned to England in 2010. In 2013, she migrated with her husband to Canada. When she's not fulfilling client projects, or writing poetry, she's crafting or bringing some new idea to life! Her motto: "My life is my message."


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