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Description of the Book:

When Heart & Mind Muse Together is a collection of poems, which I’m sure, will pull at your heartstrings. From fiction to facts, heartbreaks to happiness, hate to love, hope to life, it covers it all. And most importantly, you’ll find here, the words you want to hear, the words as sweet and healthy as honey, dripping on your wounded heart and bored brain, healing and soothing you to tranquility and optimism.

When Heart & Mind Muse Together

  • Author Name:  Abhishek R.H.
    About the Author: Honestly, this About the Author will be one of the most offbeat ones you’ll have ever read. With When Heart & Mind Muse Together, Abhishek R.H. marks his debut book as a published author. As a twelfth grader and an engineering aspirant, this 18-year-old lad is all set to experience the essence of life to the fullest, eager to explore the wide spectrum of domains in life, both professionally and personally. He also aspires to do something BIG in life, something meaningful. So let’s wait and watch, what his future has in store for him, and what he has in store for us!
    Book ISBN: 9781005119232


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