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Description of the Book:


In this anthology, a reader will find poems experiencing a range of emotions. When Feelings Find Words is a collection that captures the beauty and disarray of living. Prepare to be surprised by echoes of joy, confusion, insecurity, beauty of anything and everything and such emotions that one may ever experience in their life that linger along in these verses. This book of poetry is a must read if you think life is unpredictable or love relating to songs when u feel certain things. Explore the unexpected beauty and raw power of feeling and living.

When Feelings Find Words~

SKU: 9789363318656
  • Author's Name: Varnika Parakh

    About the Author: Varnika, a teenage poet, weaves a tapestry of profound emotions and vivid imagery in her debut collection. Everyday experiences and whispered wishes have become the threads she weaves into her poems. When not excelling in her studies, Varnika can be found exploring her creativity through design or pondering over recently read pieces of literature. Beyond writing, Varnika's a budding orator, recently captivated by the world of Model United Nations. She likes to indulge herself in the sweet science of baking, losing herself in music, or rallying over at the badminton court. Here we present, a young poet blossoming on the page.
    Book ISBN: 9789363318656
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