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Description of the Book:


This book is a piece of me, uncovering the process of 'Me in The Making', catalyzed by the presence of art in my life. While we are constantly soaring in the sea of disconnectedness rising from the chaotic and demanding 'today', poetry as a form of art can act as a therapeutic tool to reconnect with ourselves. The
poems cascade into the hills and valleys of solitude, dropping you down on the plains of loneliness just to lift you again to ride onto the slopes and plateaus of many surfaces of acceptance of life as it is. With every line emitting an emotion of incompleteness, a desire to seek more, and a quest to dig into the unknown, the poems aim to underline the abstract patterns and ambiguities of the mind as it takes new forms, growing up. With this debut book, I wish to connect to the readers, as a mirror, to reflect on the
daily shortcomings of 'They in the Making' in the ode to a beautiful journey called life.

When Art Speaks to Me: A Collection of Poems

SKU: 9789360941185
  • Author's Name: Vaidehi Patwardhan

    About the Author: Vaidehi has been fond of literature, art, poetry, and classical music since childhood. You will often find her scribbling on a piece of paper or reading a book while sipping her favorite hazelnut coffee at a soothing cafe amidst a poetic ambiance. Alongside her mainstream profession in PharmaceuticalSciences, she loves to do mandala and acrylic art and is an aspiring Hindustani classical singer. Rejoicing in the power of self-reflection and self-expression through her musings, this is her debut as a poetess and a humble attempt to connect with the readers with her stories.Follow her on social media :Instagram - aloof_abodeLinkedin -
    Book ISBN: 9789360941185
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