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Description of the Book:

20 days. 20 poems. I didn’t think it possible but I wrote this collection in just 20 days as a challenge. Every day a new chance to explore another part of myself, a new chance to look at the world in a different way. A chance to express thoughts and feelings that are surely mine, but will now find their way to others.

Whatever may be on your Mind

  • Author's Name: Anne Van Bergeijk 
    About the Author: Anne van Bergeijk is just another young human being full of fears, hopes, despair, love and wonder. She takes an interest in any form of art that can help communicate ideas and feelings about the world and the creatures that live there. Whatever may be on your mind is her first published poetry collection. She is currently studying eurythmy in the Netherlands, where she was born and has lived her whole life. You can find her at @dancinginspace on Instagram.
    Book ISBN: 9781005813833


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