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Description of the Book:

‘What shall we fight for?’ is an anthology of poems about Love, Revolutions, Society, Humans, Relations, Tendencies, Meanings, etc. It revolves around the two dominant feelings of a 21st-century young person, that is ‘Love’ and ‘Revolutions’ and goes further to ask a question to you about the choice you would make between these two.


  • Author Name: Rushikesh Jadhav
    About the Author: I am a 24-year-old Theatre artist from India. I started poetry during the first year of my theatre graduation when I was exposed to a wide range of Literatures, Cultures, Aesthetics and Ideas . This led to my introduction to this form of expression. This is my second book. Previously, I have self - published a poetry book named 'ICELAND : Collection of Poetry (Trilingual)'. I'm the co-founder and artist of the theatre group named 'Clay Cart Theatre', under which we create contemporary theatre plays. I even like writing theatre plays. I would love and appreciate all kinds of suggestion and advice so that I can improve my writing in my next book. Rushikesh Jadhav Contact:


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