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Description of the Book:


“We are all fighting our own silent battles,
Where the wounds create monsters
And each breath that we take,
Reminds us that our story is not yet over, but incomplete
Where the sky becomes a graveyard of stars,
That never fail to twinkle and keep inspiring us to be alive”

This book is a compilation of heartfelt poems with a journey of surviving through poetry.
From hidden wounds and fading scars, to filling the pages scribbled with words drowned in ink.
The book “What if I said I’m not okay” portrays a conflict between contemplations and deep emotions, where the mind rules over our hearts and turns them into poetry.
Delicately contrived thoughts are metamorphosed into parallel verses spilled on the pages, making you drown into a puddle of emotions.
The letters framed with tears tricking down the cheek and scattered sobs aligned in sentences on white sheets.
This book dives into an ocean of reality which explains the impact of pain through words dipped in memories, concealing the deepest wounds in our hearts.

What if I said I’m not okay?

SKU: 9789360946234
  • Author's Name: Dr. Afshan Ahmed

    About the Author: Dr. Afsha Ahmed is a young Dentist from Kolkata who is passionate about writing poetries alongside her profession. She has been featured in many online poetry communities, where her poems have had the limelight on social media platforms. She has won many certificates on poetry writing competitions during her journey of dentistry and aspires to do her best in every field of interest that she chooses.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946234
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