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Description of the Book :


“What A Mess” is a creation of my musings about the life in general and talks with self as I would sail though nights of reading and thinking. I do not think that I would be able to place an exact feeling which can dominate the poems written in this book, but only one, where I do not believe in living life in a box. I do not believe in boundaries. I, either, have done or, have made plans to do everything that interests me. The poems in this book will navigate you through the different emotions I have gone through while experiencing love, heartbreak, hope, awakening, dreams, living alone and creating art. Even if a single sentence from this book can connect with you, I will be grateful.

What A Mess

  • Author's Name : Fitoori
    About the Author : The author of this book is a full time banker, part time sketch artist, part time painter and an aspiring writer. An engineer by qualification, the writer joined the banking industry in the year 2014. Having avid interest in reading and a passion for travel and an eye for art, the writer adopted pen name Fitoori to be the face of her art and writings. The writer is based in Mumbai.
    Book ISBN : 9781005062033
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